Saturday, May 17, 2008

About Gene Python...

After thirty years of the central dogma we are now in an age where we can create an in silico cell and simulate the whole of the central dogma!

Ever wanted to do gene engineering and thought it took weeks? Ever wanted to figure out gene expression and found the painful wet labs to drive you nuts? Ever wondered what peptides could be generated from a molecule of mRNA? Or just plain wanted to have fun putting together genomes and having them generate peptides and proteins? Wanted to create an automatic gene annotater?

What fun it would be if we could assign a gene to a computer variable and simply let the computer behave as if it were the central dogma and generate the RNA molecules and convert those with reading frames into peptides! If only we could explore the wonders of nature in minutes and map the proteins or peptides to known ones from published databases! What if we could use such designs to genetically re-engineer real genes in organisms?

GenePython initiates a journey to make this exploration fun. It is the result of intense dialogue on the central dogma and an effort to create genetic objects in python over a few weeks in November and December of 2007.

This blog and this site are our effort to get you to join the fun and come and build a virtual cell together with us. Over the next blogs we will expose the code of genetic objects to help you understand and begin use of these objects as building blocks of the cell.

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