Saturday, May 17, 2008

The wet option

The design of life is the quest of synthetic biology- Don't all approaches to design carbon based life rest on the central dogma of molecular biology? SPM, I guess you would you like to contest that?

Here is one approach to designing life: Craig Venter at his laboratory promoting wet (organic) synthetic life.

Pranav, can we rake up a discussion saying GenePython offers steps to the another approach: your own laboratory of artificial life, on your computer?

Is it a cool way to create building blocks of genes and cells and extend the functionality of genes, RNA and peptides as you wish and to keep pace with the stalwarts of web-biology? Is it a safe way to play with lifes building blocks, an easy way to learm about the central dogma and maybe even do thought experiments challenging the dogma. Is it also a great way to design, recognize and explore feedback based regulation?

So before we get going with explaining GenePython, can we say it's a framework to start building life designs and do what you want out of it! Right Pranav?

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